Luxury Flying just got a whole lot sweeter and the JetSuite X experience was just about as luxurious as it gets! I must say…. I am totally hooked and wherever this airline flies… so will I.


The Luxury Flying Experience

We traveled on the 8am flight from Burbank to Oakland as I had a meeting in San Francisco at 11am. My travel partner had a late evening so she drove to Van Nuys rather than Burbank only to realize the issue when I called her. I arrived at the Burbank JetSuite X terminal 35 minutes before departure time to take photos and take in the whole experience. Pulling up there was a smiling valet to greet me and take my car. Since T.P. (travel partner) was late, I spent my time exploring the cool hanger all while eating snacks and sipping coffee that is gratis with all JetSuite X flights. It felt like I was going on an exciting adventure rather than a grueling airport travel experience. After a 90 second check-in and a bag swipe (no security checks here and no lines either) I was free to move about the hanger. 
When T.P. finally arrived it was literally 5 minutes to take off. We casually strolled on to that awaiting 20 seat jet, to literally take off 6 minutes later! Talk about a private luxury flying experience! It was like no other commercial airline travel and it could not have been any easier or more luxurious.  


We landed in Oakland at the private jet terminal to be greeted by a beautiful private lounge area. Decorated in deep woods and plush carpets, if you would have told me I had just gotten off a commercial jet I would have called you crazy.  It was an exact replica of any private jet lounge in the world and I frankly did not want to leave… but off to appointment we went. After a meeting and a fabulous lunch in San Francisco we hopped back in an Uber to casually drive to the airport. Our adorable Uber driver asked several times if we were going to Concord and several times I told her yes… as I assumed that was the name of the terminal. I could not have been more wrong and now we were dangerously pushing times as it’s a 30 minute difference in airports. I had not done my research to realized that JetSuite X also flies out of a small airport called Concord. With literally 4 minutes to take off, we raced on to that awaiting jet to take off 5 minutes later. UNHEARD of on any commercial experience.
Now JetSuite X does have limits as two women right behind us were denied as the plane doors had already been locked. We got in by the skin of our noses and had an absolutely lovely flight back to Burbank. Now here’s the VERY BEST part of the story… prices start at 129.00! Simi-Private flights at not so private pricing. 
Daily flights between Burbank, Oakland, Concord, Las Vegas, San Jose 
For schedules: WWW.JETSUITEX.COM

The Moral of the Story: Fly JetSuite X at all costs! 



Cons: JetSuite X doesn’t fly to every city in the world, but hopefully if you do not live in Los Angeles, JetSuite X will be coming to your city soon!