My Most Beautiful Friends, 

Last year, when the travel talk show, The Jet Set, (WWW.THEJETSET.TV) asked me to be their new ‘Luxury Edition Correspondent” besides that extreme honor I felt…. I knew that there had to be a bigger aspect to this amazing opportunity then what was at the surface. There had to be a reason that this travel talk show brought me on board. Then it hit me! I have been so blessed in this life of mine and I had to find a bigger way of sharing my blessings than I had in the past. Right then and there I made a pact with God, myself, and the show that for every 3 or 4 shows that I did, I would do a “Luxury Gives Back” segment where I would highlight the plight of some organization that desperately needs my (our) help and hope. Sometimes by just bringing awareness to something is half the battle. A big part of the pact that I made with myself is that I would be giving not only my time, but I would be personally making a significant monetary commitment to each of the organizations or communities that I went in to. At that moment “Luxury Gives Back” was born. The producers and the hosts of The Jet Set have been so supportive of my mission and have made “Luxury Gives Back” a serious reality that I am now able to share with you.

horses on the Lakota reservation re-member

Laura dunn visits re-member at the Lakota reservation

In our first “Luxury Gives Back” segment we are heading to PineRidge, South Dakota where we will learn about the plight of the Lakota Reservation and how this so desperately in need reservation is the benefactor of an organization called RE-MEMBER. RE-MEMBER is an organization that brings in over 1200 volunteers every summer. The volunteers build bunk beds, repair homes, assist the elderly and disabled – all while affording themselves an immersing experience in Lakota culture. Located on a 2.5 acre site with five buildings including a fully-equipped workshop, kitchen facilities, and the ability to house more than 75 volunteers and staff at a time, Re-Member firmly established as a permanent presence on Pine Ridge. We also have a growing number of Lakota employees on staff, allowing us to address another vital need on Pine Ridge: jobs. Re-Member looks to the future with excitement and promise, working with the Lakota people to improve lives on Pine Ridge: better homes, better jobs, better health, and a better life. 

No donation is too small…. all donations are greatly appreciated and please know that your money is going towards the helping of this community that is desperately in need. 

Please click WWW.RE-MEMBER.ORG to help

Thank you for watching and thank you for coming on this journey with us….

With some serious love and gratitude,



The Jet Set Team

David Gailen, Bobby Laurie, Nikki Noya and Brad Smith