It’s so hip to be celery right now! Everywhere I look I am seeing photos of this nutrient rich drink on Instagram, Facebook, magazines and television….. and the reason is… it’s one of the most nutritious plant foods on the planet. I am seeing people touting the benefits of this magical green stalk and when it comes to juicing…. celery juice is the go to juice when one is wanting to reap maximum benefits of juicing. I knew I had to do a story on celery juice when I read that one of the major side effects of drinking pressed celery juice was weight loss! I thought “oh no!! How awful! Where can I get a glass this minute?!” In all seriousness weight loss is one of the major benefits of this beautiful green juice. The juice of fresh, raw, organic celery is loaded essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Celery juice does have a very distinct taste and is almost bitter. But when you have so many benefits… what’s a little bitter?

A few benefits of drinking ORGANIC celery juice….


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits - Weight Loss Diuretic Bloat


I travel so much that I knew I would not be the best test subject, so I had someone that works for me, making and drinking 8 ounces of fresh organic celery juice everyday for the past month. I asked her to not change her diet or do anything differently other than adding in the home-pressed organic celery juice. She has promised me that she has been eating exactly the same as before our experiment. The results? Josie has dropped 4 pounds. She feels better overall and has more energy. One cup has 42 calories and celery juice rapidly speeds up digestion by prompting the liver to increase bile production which instantly strengthens the stomachs hydrochloric acid production. This helps break down the undigested old rancid fats and proteins trapped at the bottom of the stomach and small intestine. Once the old fats and proteins dissolve, bloating tends to subside.

Josie reported that her bloat is gone, the cravings for sugary fats has subsided and she felt over-all sharper and healthier.


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice in Louis Vuitton Pink Scarf Luxury Fashion Blogger

Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits -  Anti-Inflammatory


Celery juice contains polyacetylene, which inhibits acute inflammation in diseases such as, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract obstruction as well as respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis. Celery seeds are used in the treatment of many skin conditions and experimental studies have shown that celery has antibacterial, anti fungal and as stated above… anti-inflammatory properties.


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits - Youthful Health Skin


Celery is loaded with Vitamin A,B,C,K, niacin and folate as well as the numerous minerals which are essential for repairing skin damage as well as keeping our largest organ healthy. These vitamins and minerals will help produce collagen and help keep our elastin strong. The high water content helps facilitate the elimination of toxins as well as hydrating skin. The large antioxidant content is great for clearing a lot of skin disorders and after a month we can expect brighter, glowing, and healthier looking skin.

Laura Dunn - Celery Juice in Louis Vuitton Pink Scarf Luxury Fashion Blogger


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits -  Maintains Acid Balance

Studies have shown that there are very few foods as powerful as celery juice in maintaining the acid-based balance in the body. Celery juice reduces the acidity to allow for an alkaline body. Very important for health.


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits -  Prevents Calcification

Fresh organic celery juice is useful in averting calcification inside our kidneys, gall bladder and urinary bladder. Meaning it helps break down and eliminate stones. For anyone that has ever suffered with kidney stones… this is very good news. 


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice Benefits -  Helps Control Dimentia

The Luteolin in celery juice has also been shown in studies to be helpful in combating dementia. The reason for this is that it helps to reduce inflammation in the brain. These studies have suggested that eating celery or drinking celery juice can be a preventative measure and possibly a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.


Laura Dunn - Celery Juice in Louis Vuitton Pink Scarf Luxury Fashion Blogger

Here are six of the many benefits of drinking celery juice. There are a few rules that must be followed for optimal usage of this magical green drink. The first is ORGANIC. You must make your fresh celery juice with organic celery. Celery is one of “The Dirty Dozen!” The Dirty Dozen are the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables on our planet. Researchers have found that certain fruits and vegetables are more prone to hold onto pesticides than others…. celery is one of them and in the next couple of weeks I will give you the full list of The Dirty Dozen. Besides organic, to make your celery juice at home it is optimal to have a masticating juicer. Otherwise known as a “Cold Press” juicer. The reason? They juice slowly to not heat up the liquid… hence not stripping the juice of vitamins and nutrients. I use the Masticating Slow Juicer, Aicok which I purchased on Amazon for 125.00… which could be the best money I have spent in a long time!

As always… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit and read my words!